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Beginner (2-3 yrs)

The Links to Learning Beginner program for ages 2-3 years expands on the foundation established in the Toddler program. At this point, your child will begin experimenting and interacting with other children and the environment. The daily schedule features more structure and routine than it does for infants and toddlers. Your child will start to learn how to find uses for familiar objects, and how to explain everyday occurrences using simple reasoning.

At this point, we introduce a Spanish language program for children. Our daily activities continue to reinforce age-appropriate social development.


Language and Literacy

Teachers begin to ask your child questions about the stories being read, and help build vocabulary by expanding on your child's answers.


Here, your child will manipulate smaller pieces with purpose. The teacher will also provide opportunities to develop ball handling and body movement skills.


Your child will begin to explore number sets, experiment with textures, sort by colors and build reasoning.


Your child will interact with, and respond to, music. He or she will be asked to identify loud and soft sounds, sing familiar songs and purposely move to the music.

The World and Me

Your child is learning to identify and verbalize wants, needs, and learning self-help skills and sharing. We encourage this growth toward independence.


Your child will explore colors and lines through both teacher-created art experiences and independent work. He or she will be encouraged to draw pictures in response to a story being told.


Your child will be introduced to Spanish through a system that integrates it into daily school and home activities, becoming more complex as your child progresses. Stories and activities will feature Spanish words.

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